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Does Anybody Even Read These Things?
If you do read this, could you leave a comment, even just a "yo"? I'm curious whether anybody will respond. XD; Posting on here feels kind of futile since it seems like nobody ever visits my page...LOL.

Oh, well. I keep this account mostly so that I can freely comment on other people's LJs. :D

Guess that's all for now...I feel I must work to create more "finished" works instead of pencil line art. *Is referring to what she's posting in the hetalia LJ community, yes...sigh...*

~Threshie <3

Yay, I Have An Icon! 8D
For the first time ever, my LJ has an icon! W00t!

The pic is a fanart I drew that's from my biggest Death Note fanfic, "In Charge". It's Near holding a toy plastic dinosaur Matt gave him as a sign of friendship. The dinosaur has managed to hang around all 27 chapters of the fic so far, and is practically his own character at this point; LOL.

LiveJournal has a book-publishing software/service that looks pretty neat. I'm thinking once I finish it, I will order my fanfic in softcover novel form with a cover I illustrated. <3 It would make a neat keepsake, that's for sure.

Anyhow, I never know what to say on LJ. I don't really know anybody here, and practically only have an account to make posts over at the hetalia community. ^^; Speaking of Hetalia, I just discovered hetalia_kink the other day--I haven't read such excellent fanfiction in years, it was amazing and addictive to browse the thing. I'm kind of afraid to go back...it'll suck me in. XD;

I am going to Sakura-Con soon. <3 I will be cosplaying as Mello from Death Note and Lithuania from Hetalia. For Liet I will have two different outfits--one is his WWII uniform, and the other is traditional Lithuanian men's clothes. =) All cosplay outfits are made from scratch for added accuracy.

'Til next time, then!

~Threshie <3

Writer's Block: Home Cooking
When was the last time you cooked for yourself? What did you make?
Today; I made a big huge pot of oatmeal and my family and I had it for lunch. :D

Hello, World!
*Waves* Hello, world! :D

LOL; sorry, couldn't resist the urge to add a little programming/web design nerdism in there. This is my first journal on LJ, see, so I said "Hello  world!" as is the tradition for programmers with their very first program in a new programming language. =)


Yes. I figured it would be good to post something up here, since I've never posted on my LJ before. *shrug* I realize that this entry is entirely useless otherwise, and for that I apologize.

Here's some blah-blah about me:

I LOVE Death Note.

I am very new to purusing yaoi/shounen-ai fanworks, and have started dabbling in creating them as well.

I am an artist and writer of some measurable skill. Not to sound conceited or anything (I am happy to chat with other artists and writers or all levels, and never try and make people feel bad for being a beginner at something--that's pretty low of the people that do)--I'm just confident in my creative ability! =) Anyway, my DeviantArt gallery just tipped over the 1,000th work mark, and the vast majority of my works are fanfiction and fanart.

I'm from the U.S.

I pride myself on being as open-minded as possible in every aspect of my life.

I adore diversity, especially the contrasting different sizes, shapes, colors and genders that people come in, the different languages out there both written and spoken, and the different societal norms of various cultures.

My favorite genre of fiction is science-fantasy (sci-fi and fantasy combined), but much of my fanfiction is AU and contemporary. XD; Go figure, LOL.

I number my sketchbooks (and try to only ever draw in them when doing traditional works). I just started Artpad #56 the other day.

I'm a college student.

I'm female.

I like to cosplay at conventions--and to gawk at/take pictures of the other cosplayers! <3 (With permission, of course.)

I think that's enough for the first entry--now at least it's not just me going "uh, hi...". ^^; I've never actually used LJ for the journal that it is, so...we'll see. Who knows, I might like it.

'Til next time...