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Yay, I Have An Icon! 8D
For the first time ever, my LJ has an icon! W00t!

The pic is a fanart I drew that's from my biggest Death Note fanfic, "In Charge". It's Near holding a toy plastic dinosaur Matt gave him as a sign of friendship. The dinosaur has managed to hang around all 27 chapters of the fic so far, and is practically his own character at this point; LOL.

LiveJournal has a book-publishing software/service that looks pretty neat. I'm thinking once I finish it, I will order my fanfic in softcover novel form with a cover I illustrated. <3 It would make a neat keepsake, that's for sure.

Anyhow, I never know what to say on LJ. I don't really know anybody here, and practically only have an account to make posts over at the hetalia community. ^^; Speaking of Hetalia, I just discovered hetalia_kink the other day--I haven't read such excellent fanfiction in years, it was amazing and addictive to browse the thing. I'm kind of afraid to go'll suck me in. XD;

I am going to Sakura-Con soon. <3 I will be cosplaying as Mello from Death Note and Lithuania from Hetalia. For Liet I will have two different outfits--one is his WWII uniform, and the other is traditional Lithuanian men's clothes. =) All cosplay outfits are made from scratch for added accuracy.

'Til next time, then!

~Threshie <3


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