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Does Anybody Even Read These Things?
If you do read this, could you leave a comment, even just a "yo"? I'm curious whether anybody will respond. XD; Posting on here feels kind of futile since it seems like nobody ever visits my page...LOL.

Oh, well. I keep this account mostly so that I can freely comment on other people's LJs. :D

Guess that's all for now...I feel I must work to create more "finished" works instead of pencil line art. *Is referring to what she's posting in the hetalia LJ community, yes...sigh...*

~Threshie <3

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Yay, I know another living person reads this! 8D ...You appear to be the only one. XD;

X3 *Huggle-glomp!* Yay, an actual human response to my journal! 8D

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